Blue Stacks – Helped Me a Lot

blue-stacksIt’s started when I arrived at Kupang, NTT to do the worked for my office. I dropped my smartphone, and something bad happen to me. I lost the signal, and my smartphone can’t detect the SIM. Everything already begins to disaster. I can’t call or send messaging to my family and checked whether they are healthy in Jakarta. I lost in Kupang.

The good thing is, I worked for a client who understand and lend me some old phone for me when I am still in Kupang. My colleague from office can’t contact me through What Apps like usually and somethings good happen to me.

I meet Blue Stacks, my friends recommend, I install with 50% unbelieving, but it’s starting works. I can use my android phone again, well actually, my google account with application I already install in it. I can open my What Apps and starting chat about the worked and progress.

Thanks a lot to Dedi who introduce me to Blue Stacks and thank you for the Developer who give it a time to worked it a good applications. You helped me a lot.








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  1. Blue Stacks says:

    Fabian Brackman

    I found a great…

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