Demo Application

Proswitching Middleware

ProSwiching Middleware provides centrallize interconnection capabilities to your system. ProSwiching Middleware provides various message format such as ISO 8583, XML, JSON, etc. Integrate and communicate your system seemlessly using ProSwiching Middleware.


Proswitching Internet Banking

ProSwiching Internet Banking enable your customer to manage and their financial account remotely. It supports softtoken and hardtoken for its security infrastructure.


Proswitching ATM Controller

ProSwiching ATM Controller manages your atm devices. It meets the business and operating requirements of most financial institutions.


Proswitching POS

ProSwiching Pos enable you to manage your EDC devices. ProSwiching POS support standard edc sales transaction and also dynamic menu for mini atm transactions.


ERP Solutions

Our ERP solution support fully web base interface and base on open source foundation where our customer will be provided with full source code.


HR and Payroll

Our Human Resource and Payroll package has been customized for Indonesia need and support tax PPH21 calculation.


Tutorial Progress

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