The Producers

256px-KBS_The_Producers_promo_posterIn the center of Yeouido is the KBS building. On its sixth floor are partitioned offices where employees work in the network’s variety department, keeping hectic schedules of filming, editing and all-night meetings.

Written by: Park Ji-eun, Kim Ji-sun
Directed by: Seo Soo-min, Pyo Min-soo
Starring: Kim Soo-hyunCha Tae-hyunGong Hyo-jinIU

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The Great Seer

250px-The_Great_Seer-posterThe Great Seer begins during the reign of King Gongmin (Ryu Tae-joon).

But despite being about seers, geomancers, divinators and the like, this drama is less about the fantasy and more about the political movers and shakers — people who had the power to advise, and therefore control, kings.

Yi Seong-gye (Ji Jin-hee) is the general who led the overthrow of Goryeo and established the Joseon Dynasty, becoming its first king.

Mok Ji-sang (Ji Sung) is a gifted seer/geomancer, born with the ability to see into people’s pasts and futures.

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Something About 1 Persen

Something_About_1_Percent1% of Anything (1%의 어떤 것, or Something About 1%) is a South Korean TV drama that was broadcast on Sunday mornings for 26 episodes from July 6, 2003, to December 28, 2003.

Its central characters are played by film star Kang Dong-won (강동원) and Kim Jung-hwa (김정화) of SBS’s 2002 TV drama, Glass Slippers. This romantic comedy drama series is based on an original novel of the same title, and it is a classic tale of boy-meets-girl.

The plot follows traditional love stories of clashing personalities, familial obstacles and triumphant love-conquers-all themes.

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Take Care of Us, Captain

250px-Take_Care_of_Us,_Captain-posterKim Yoon-sung (Ji Jin-hee) is excited that he is flying as co-pilot with a legendary Captain Han Gyu-pil (Kim Chang-wan).

One of the passengers on the plane is Han Da-jin’s (Ku Hye-sun) pregnant mother. She is flying to San Francisco to attend Han Da-jin’s graduation ceremony from a flight training school.

While the plane is making its way across the Pacific Ocean, the Captain leaves the cockpit to go to the restroom. Co-Pilot Kim Yoon-sung is left alone in the cockpit. When Kim Yoon-sung reaches for something, he accidentally hits a lever. This causes the autopilot to become disengaged.

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Scholar Who Walks the Night

250px-Scholar_Who_Walks_the_Night_posterSet in an alternate Joseon dynasty, Jo Yang-sun is the daughter of a nobleman whose family loses everything when her father is framed for treason.

To make ends meet, Yang-sun begins cross-dressing as a male bookseller, and meets the handsome and mysterious scholar Kim Sung-yeol, who works at the Hongmungwan.

Sung-yeol is a vampire, and he continues to be haunted by the long-ago death of his first love Lee Myung-hee, especially when he meets Myung-hee’s present-day doppelgänger Choi Hye-ryung, an aloof nobleman’s daughter.

Meanwhile, the evil vampire, Gwi, resides in the royal palace and uses his powers and political machinations to prevent the Crown Prince from ascending to the throne.

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Road No. 1

250px-Road_No._1-posterLee Jang-woo (So Ji-sub) would do anything for his childhood sweetheart Soo-yeon (Kim Ha-neul).

When Soo-yeon’s family falls on hard times, he joins the army in order to earn money to pay for her tuition.

While Jang-woo is on his tour of duty, Soo-yeon studies hard and spends her time helping injured soldiers as a doctor. She patiently awaits Jang-woo’s return, but one day receives word that he has died in combat.

Fate brings another man into her life: Shin Tae-ho, a handsome and generous officer who graduated from the army academy at the top of his class.

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Punch_TV_series_posterPunch is a record of the last six months of Park Jung-hwan’s life.

He is the chief of the anti-corruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. To get to his position, Jung-hwan has made compromises to achieve what he thought of as the greater good, though it meant losing some of his soul in the process.

But when he gets diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and told that he only has six months left to live, it makes Jung-hwan reexamine his life choices.

He decides to pursue justice whatever the cost, even if it means sacrificing his life.

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Pride and Prejudice

250px-Pride_and_Prejudice_2014_TV_series-posterGu Dong-chi passed the bar exam right after high school (bypassing college altogether) and became a prosecutor at age 21.

With his brilliant legal mind and over ten years of experience since, Dong-chi has sharpened his skills of figuring out what other people are really thinking, even as he keeps his own private thoughts inscrutable and enjoys the perks of the bureaucratic system.

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The Night Watchman’s Journal

250px-Night_Watchman's_Journal-posterPrince Lee Rin found himself orphan when his father the king, under a spell, killed the queen and then committed suicide. Considered unsuitable for the throne, the child prince was sent away from the palace and his older half-brother Gi-san, son of a concubine, was crowned the new king of Joseon.

Twelve years later, Lee Rin, now grown up, spends his days between fun and amorous encounters, hiding the loneliness he feels and his ability to see ghosts, acquired after escaping the attack of a spirit when he was a child.

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Hidden Identity

250px-HiddenIdentityPosterAn undercover investigative squad of homicide detectives is formed, and their extra-legal methods include wiretapping, communications monitoring and deep-cover infiltration.

Among its members are Cha Gun-woo, a former ROKN SEAL and KNP SWAT member who pursues his targets doggedly and is secretly on a revenge mission after his girlfriend’s death.

Principled and perceptive team leader Jang Moo-won, who was granted permission to form the squad and will personally face the consequences if it fails.

Yoo Min-joo, who’s skilled in disguise, psychoanalysis and martial arts, and sly Choi Tae-pyung, who gets information from shady back-alley connections.

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