PT Metalogic Infomitra

PT Metalogic Infomitra was established in 1995 by several IT Professionals to provide IT consulting services in Transaction Switching.

Our Vision is to become an International player in financial switching business.

Our Mission is to provide innovative, creative switching solution and excellent services to our customer.

In 1998, Metalogic launched the first commercial product which is ProSwitching Middleware => ProSW. In 2002, Metalogic was split into 2 companies, there are:

  • PT Metalogic Infomitra => Software
  • PT Metacom Infodata   => Hardware

ProSW products include:

  1. Middleware Switching
  2. POS Acquiring System
  3. ATM Controller System
  4. Card Management System
  5. Bill Payment/ATM Switch Gateway
  6. Internet Banking

Our Reseller/Partner for ProSW products:

  • PT Andalan Trampil Multisiss
  • PT Interaksi Karya Utama
  • PT Komunikasi Media Utama
  • PT Programa Reka Piranti
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